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Looks like this little Dorothy isn't in Kansas anymore... When I hoped I wouldn't have to be homeless again, this wasn't quite what I had in mind.

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For deserted_city

Continued from here.

Read at your own risk ;D

Scotty laughs as he tugs Lex's shirt over his head, keeping hold of it until they get to wherever they're going. With Lex's hands tugging at his pants, Scotty finds it's easier to think that he wouldn't care if anyone found them. He's pretty sure he would care, very much, but right now it's easy to just forget about that.

He settles onto Lex's lap, setting Lex's shirt aside, and he rolls their hips together, moaning low in his throat. He pulls out of the kiss with a dark smile, sliding his hands down Lex's chest before he sits back so Lex can pull Scotty's shirt off.

"If anyone does walk in... it'll be an interesting first impression," he comments with an amused smile, unable to keep his hips entirely still against Lex's, moving slightly against his hips.


For deserted_city

(please note when/if you need to approximate or invent any important bits of information)
LJ username: caterwaiter
Canon and canon type: Brothers & Sisters, TV show.
Name: Scotty Wandell
Age: 27 (a guess; the actor himself is 29, and the Wiki for his character says “Late 20s”)
Brief backstory: Scotty was born in Oxford, Mississippi to Bertha and Wally Wandell, who were at the very least well-meaning parents. When Scotty turned out to be “so gay, so quickly,” (his own description) they continued to love their son, though they didn’t accept his lifestyle. Once Scotty was old enough he moved away, first to New York, then to LA where he worked as a receptionist.

He met Kevin Walker and they hit it off right away – for better or for worse. They dated for a while but in between the good moments there were fights; Kevin never could stop belittling Scotty’s financial status. Scotty worked at that time as a cater waiter, fulfilling his penchant for upscale food by working for the people who made it; he was often in and out of financial troubles. Finally Kevin jabbed one too many times and Scotty broke things off with him.

He went on with his life, but he still couldn’t quite get Kevin out of his mind, and as he put himself through culinary school and landed an internship as a sous chef at an upscale restaurant, he wanted to show off his success to the man who’d sort of inspired Scotty to go after it. He invited Kevin to his restaurant and leaned in for a kiss only to find out Kevin had another steady boyfriend.

They decided to try being friends instead of boyfriends, since they’d always skipped that step. When Kevin found out that Scotty was homeless due to his school bills this time, Kevin offered his apartment. Scotty moved in, for better or for worse… and inevitably they wound up having sex. Scotty arrives at Destinik following the conversation where he insists to Kevin that their “nostalgic sex romp” doesn’t mean anything.
Brief description of personality: While Scotty doesn’t go around in drag or wear rainbows on every item of clothing he has, he isn’t exactly all that incognito either. He’s known to let his wild side out from time to time and don a Queen T-shirt with some pink short shorts, but for the most part he sticks to flattering polos or zip-up hoodies. He’s not shy, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t value his privacy either. He’s outgoing and friendly and a little over the top but it’s all, in some ways, an act; the more personal things he only shares to a select few, and he expects them to maintain their silence as well.

He has been known, from time to time, to be bitchy, catty, sarcastic, and judgmental. He slips one-liners out to cops and he swears up and down that Regina George stole his “Oh my God, I love your bracelet, where’d you get it?” look. He likes to sum up what people are about in a glance, or just from one conversation, even though more often than not he isn’t all that correct. He should know better; it takes more than one meeting with Scotty to know that he’s actually rather domestic, underneath it all.

Scotty is quick to take offense and slow to forgive until that person really secures and earns Scotty’s trust enough to earn his forgiveness, which is a problem because Scotty has a bit of a problem with jealousy. He sabotages Kevin’s dinner with his ex-boyfriend by “getting off work early” and showing up with food to make it into a threesome sort of dinner, and he has a hard time accepting Kevin being around his ex-boyfriend in general.

Beyond the cattiness and the jealousy, Scotty really is conscientious and caring; he exercises and worries about the environment. He really can be as sweet as his smile is, and he isn’t afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve or put himself out there. Once he finally settled himself down to it, he proved to be a hard worker, graduating top of his class at culinary school. It’s taken him a while to find direction but he’s finally arrived at a place where he knows what he wants and where he’d like to go in life. That may not seem like quite the big accomplishment but for Scotty, who’s spent his life hovering in between accepted but unwelcomed by his family and bouncing between jobs and homes, finding the ability to stop, breathe, and maybe start to set some roots down is pretty life-changing.
Any special skills? Scotty is an excellent chef specializing mostly in fine dining, though I’m sure if you hand him a cookbook he can make a meatloaf. He probably would rather gouge his eyes out than make a meatloaf, but you know, he could. He also has some slight carpentry skills as he worked as a carpenter’s assistant through the summers at high school.
At time of appearance in the city, is your character alive or dead?: Alive.
What kind of clothing/small items might your character reasonably have on their person when they arrive?:
-- blue boxers
-- khakis
-- red flannel button-down
-- brown flip-flops
-- cell phone, 75% charged
-- Third generation 8 GB iPod nano in blue, half charged, with earphones
-- keychain with a key to his Ranchero, Kevin’s apartment, San Estephe’s employee’s entrance; and a 2 and ¼ inch chipped red Swiss army knife, which contains a blade, a nail file/screwdriver, scissors, mini flash light, and a retractable ball point pen (a gift from his father)
-- wallet containing his driver’s license, $23.78, a bank card, a VISA credit card, his student ID, a gym membership card, and a couple of receipts

After their nostalgic sex romp, Kevin and Scotty don’t say much. He supposes there really isn’t a whole lot to say because they both know this is wrong; Kevin’s got a boyfriend and Scotty’s the problematic ex who can’t keep himself out from between Kevin’s sheets. Just when he thought maybe he’d been getting his life together, cleaning up his act, getting a real job, finding something he loves to do, really starting to like himself in a way he hasn’t really before, he does this. He falls back into bed with the man who makes Scotty feel inferior and small and only sometimes like he should strive to make himself into a better person.

Of course it had been a mistake. Kevin’s boyfriend has been MIA for months, being a missionary or whatever to some kids in Malaysia. Truth be told Scotty’s kind of surprised Kevin went for the missionary type in the first place, and a Republican at that, but Scotty still has his lingering doubts about Kevin’s security in his sexuality. Why shouldn’t he flirt and dance with the openness Scotty offers but ultimately run and hide behind the innately heterosexual image of a Republican minister, no matter how much he likes sausage?

No, he prefers not talking, for once, and he turns over onto his side, burying his face in Kevin’s pillows and pulling Kevin’s blankets up around him as he settles into Kevin’s bed to sleep. Scotty has rarely felt so dirty – and that’s saying something – so small and so wrong; he’s happy when sleep takes him, whisks him away into a world where he can forget about Kevin Walker for a couple hours, at least until the morning, when he needs to deal with Kevin’s neurotic and awkward and strange reaction to all of this.

A variety of reasons pull Scotty out of his, at that point, uncomfortable sleep. He’s cold, not ridiculously cold but too cold for someone laying in a bed who has blankets available, but then that’s another thing; he hurts, in his shoulder blades and the small of his back, and his head. It feels like he’s laying on concrete, not Kevin’s bed, and it’s that thought that stirs him out of his sleep finally. His eyes open and then open wider and he sits up quickly, a little too quickly; his neck cricks and he winces, reaching up to rub at it as he quickly looks around.

He is not in Kevin’s apartment. He’s not even in San Marino, from what he can tell, and his panic starts to flare quickly. He finds himself outside of a fire department – at least, he thinks it is, though he can’t read the writing at the top of the building. He struggles to stand up, discovering he’s dressed, which is almost more unsettling than being in a strange city. He turns around quickly, looking for anyone else around, and he calls out, “Hello? Hello? Is there anyone here?”

The way his voice echoes against the walls is unsettling, and Scotty hugs his arms to his chest.

URL to a 100x100 photo of the person you'd like to represent your character's appearance for use on the character listing page: http://img7.imageshack.us/img7/3904/39281753.png

For desperatescreen

Cooked to Order

Tired of cooking for yourself? Want a fancy dinner for a special occasion?

Scotty Wandell and James Wilson have joined together to form Cooked to Order, a catering service offering professional, five-star restaurant quality food as well as your everyday home-cooked meals.

Want someone to cook your dinner? Your breakfast (at a reasonable hour, please!)? Want to take a special someone "out" for a fancy dinner? We can help you!

Can cook for large and small parties. Contact James Wilson or Scotty Wandell to set up an appointment to discuss your order.

Do you like to cook? We're looking for more chefs! Prepare your three best dishes and contact Wilson or Scotty to set up a taste testing!

(P.S. It's free!)

Scotty is a professionally trained chef who previously worked as head chef at a five-star restaurant in Los Angeles. Wilson is an amateur and specializes in "comfort food."